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Jobs-to-be-done customer research will reveal what your customers want (even if they don’t realize).

Equipped with this knowledge, you will stop guessing and start growing 2-3x faster than before.

It’s not easy but it works.

Let me do this for you.

Is this another false hope?

In fact, it’s not. Research is the only growth hack you can leverage at the moment. Companies don’t seem to realize that they treat research like a nice-to-have, luxury for bigger companies with bigger budgets.

Others just “snooze” it because they don’t know where to start, how to structure the research projects, how to ask, how to analyze and what to do with the analysis afterwards.

I will help you.

As a former Marketer and Product manager, I don’t just throw you the research.
I orchestrate everything from 0 to Growth based on the insights.

There are only two sources of competitive advantage: The ability to learn more about our customers faster than the competition, and the ability to turn that learning into action faster than the competition.

Leela Srinivasan
CMO at SurveyMonkey

Practical things you can do with my work

Get closer than ever to your customer. Get so close that you can tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.

Steve Jobs

My process

Talent and determination are not enough. You also need evidence to guide your efforts. If the project requires it, I can pair my research efforts with other professionals, your team or with a vetted professional of my network.

Users think they know what they want, but you get the horseless carriage effect where you're getting asked for a faster horse.

Emmet Shear
Co-founder at Twitch

Your biggest benefit


The biggest benefit of our cooperation will not be the outcome you expected when you approached me but your team’s confidence and ability to solve such problems with the informed decision-making loop. By working together, you and your team will gain significant experience in customer research which will give you the required independence. Plus, you will keep all the processes.

Whoever gets closer to their customer, wins.

Bernadette Jiwa

Who am I

My background is very diverse, in purpose. I am a Customer researcher with a senior Growth experience, senior Product experience, having my Masters degree in Psychotherapy. Thus, you can expect me to perform scientific Customer research and lead the projects coordination, not just deliver insights.

Forward Partners
Forward Partners

People I paid to say good things about me

Aggelos has an art for getting things done…I would highly recommend Aggelos for anyone looking for a technical marketing and growth hacking expert that knows how to use the tools that are available out there to build successful marketing growth strategies.

Sabine Vanderlinden

Hiring Growth Sandwich and Aggelos was the best thing we ‘ve done for our business. He delivered an out-of-the-box strategy and we worked together on implementing it. Before our cooperation with Aggelos, we used to believe we needed to develop the x or the y channel, just because others were doing so. But Aggelos helped us truly understand which are the channels we need to go for in a 100% data-driven manner which gave us clarity, confidence and saved a ton of money.

Moritz Dausinger

Aggelos does not hesitate to question the ways things are done and will challenge every single assumption that Founders have about their own business. He has one of the most constructive approaches you can have as you (re)build together how your startup should be positioned in the market.

Daniela Goncalves

Aggelos is hands down one of the best Growth experts I ever spoke with. We came to him with a hypothesis about what’s going on with our Product Market Fit and he turned it upside down and helped us see things we didn’t before. Now we have more clarity on what’s been really happening with our marketing efforts and have significantly shifted my thoughts about what to do next.

Jan Kuzel

Aggelos has an innovative approach to growth marketing that often only found with US-based operators. It was a pleasure to work with him and the team across a range of projects, which saw us launch two brand new companies into the market and deliver an educational growth marketing series.

Jake Higgins
Forward Partners

He never sold fairy tales to me as most of the ”growth hackers” out there. He delivered what he promised, a sustainable acquisition model in less than 3 months. But apart from the result, he also spent the necessary time I needed to build a solid understanding of growth marketing. I highly recommend Growth Sandwich as your growth partners! Thanks, Aggelos!

Von Sy

He can understand very quickly what does a business need, how to set the right objectives and the ways to achieve them, it’s really impressive. Highly recommend him to any company founder. Thanks, Aggelos

Rafael Scemama

ReAggelos knows his stuff! He is particularly adept at clearly communicating new and emerging marketing tactics to those who may have a more traditional approach and then adapting those practices to help enhance a business or company profile. He also keeps you on your toes!

Cristina Fotinelli

Aggelos is focused on delivering results and worked in a very focused way to ensure he was able to deliver all of the streams of work in the limited time he had with the team.

Sophie Adelman

Aggelos is a perfect combination of hard work with creativity. He always found a way to amaze me, daily.

Nasos Psarrakos

Aggelos is impressive in identifying the right channels for an early-stage startup. He gives insights on growth methods that we would otherwise find nowhere else, and it was really helpful for us. He is one of the very few growth experts I came across who knows his stuff and has relevant and actionable insights that can explode the growth of a product.

Jijo Sunny
Buy Me A Coffee

With step-by-step instructions, he managed to transform our growth strategy, train our team on how to keep a good momentum and finally drove actual results! His approach and work process is clear and eventually effective, making him one of the best growth professionals I’ve worked with! Finally, with his own suggestions, our conversion rate skyrocketed and the less I can do is recommend him!

Costandinos Livieratos

For me the most important and, honestly, the most unexpected was his approach on customer engagement. He really opened my eyes, I see this approach being truly relevant to our business and those are the things we will actively chase from now on.

Francisco Campos

His work was evidence-based, based on facts, not opinions just like most marketers. That was really refreshing!

Daniel McGlade

We thought we needed someone to help in advertising but we soon realised it wouldn’t work. Most of the people we spoke with proposed more ads, more leads but didn’t really understand the nuances of what we are doing.

Jon Bolt
CEO @Jetti

We didn’t want to be told to pour more money into ad spend from people that didn’t understand our industry. We found candidates that were really strong in ads or content but he spoke about product. His knowledge for product made us think he won’t just try to dump qualified leads into the business, an approach that most marketers have.  

Francisco Campos
Head of Ops @Jetti

He led us to understanding what would work, he educated us, that was really useful. That strategy-led approach was critical

Jon Bolt
CEO @Jetti

He stood out because he understood Go-to-Market in a holistic way. He didn’t jump in to talk about more ads or more content. He took a step back and thought strategy. Compared to others, he didn’t try to action things without investigation, that really struck a cord to me

Francisco Campos
Head of Ops @Jetti

I had assumptions about the problems we were solving which Aggelos’ work disproved. His qualitative research was then backed with data and we realized we should change our positioning to reflect our true value in a better way. We will use his customer feedback to re-design our homepage, change our content and restructure the platform’s UX. His work was the kick-off of Adpiler 2.0

Jorrit Baerdens
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